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Wrong side of the fence @RepAlGreen


Useful idiot award goes to the only person in DC that ACTUALLY believed the Q attack story.

#Texas what the hell were y'all thinking sending this guy up there? Huh?

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IF POTATOES ARE GOOD, HOW CAN POTATO CHIPS BE BAD? Eating healthy takes a LOT: access to good ingredients, nutrition ed & HCPs who care enough to feed their patients' body AND mind. Cheers to the #Texas CCC for building their own food pantry! @KaissiK @TAFoodBank

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Texas facts: We’ve had more Covid cases this week than any other state. Every discovered variant. 45,000 deaths so far.

Also, the biggest joke knucklehead Governor & Senators in the country! #TexasMaskMandate #prayfortexas #AbbottFailedTexas #CruzIsAJoke #BetoForGovernor #Texas

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@DonaldJTrumpJr @NRA @BurgessOwens .
Come For The Guns
Stay For The COVID and Hypothermia

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#Texas #SanAntonio the SPCA needs blankets for the animal babies...gogogo❣️❣️

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Forgot the waiting room entirely by scheduling a telehealth visit. Book your appointment online with ease:
#Texas #SanAntonio #Pleasanton #UrgentCare #UrgentCareClinic #PaloAlto #WestSanAntonio #MedicalCenter #TX #WalkInClinic #Telemedicine #Telehealth

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#SpaceX's prototype of a spacecraft which aims to take people to #Mars exploded after successful landing in #Texas on Wednesday.

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Hey @GregAbbott_TX don’t be an idiot and READ the protocols of this migrant group. They have to get a NEGATIVE test for COVID first. You’re truly an embarrassment to this state. #texas #migrant #immigrant #AbbottFailedTexasAgain

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Kids younger than 16 can't be vaccinated against #COVID19 & #TX wants them in school, where their only protection from #coronavirus IS #masks & #SocialDistancing so the big ? is @GovAbbott why are you trying to kill #Texas #kids ?

#TexasMaskMandate @GregAbbott_TX #AbbottFailedTX

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@TexasTribune Oh, no, #Texas and out of state #FatCats taking advantage of regular folks, and people like #RickPerry saying they should be happy to do so, and people like #TedCruz ignoring their plight?
That can't be right...

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Office Managers, our Private Optometric Practice is adding you! Experience with running an Optometric practice as well as dispensing as an optician is preferred. #imatters #optician #officemanager #optometry #optical #optometrist #optometrictechnician #houston #texas

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Qué mala imagen de #SanFelipe, el alcalde dice que todos los sanfelipeños actúan así (golpeando a la gente). Ni #Texas se atrevió a tanto...

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A Wall Street Journal analysis shows that in more than 15 states, the average number of new cases over the past seven days is greater than the average number of cases over the past 14 days.

Those states include Texas, Arkansas, New Jersey and Mississippi

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@chipfranklin @ptaylor0913 @BetoORourke @CalltoActivism Beto has already done more for the people of #Texas not holding office. Imagine if he had some power to do more. Abbott has shown everyone who he is, as conversely, has Beto. He would be a great governor!

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Luego de que #Texas, #EEUU dejara de exigir el uso de cubrebocas, del lado mexicano, las autoridades de Ciudad Juárez, advirtieron que exigirán a los ciudadanos estadounidenses que lo usen cuando crucen la frontera porque en #Chihuahua, sí es obligatorio. oh

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@marwilliamson @RealCandaceO Should we be proud of all the #COVID19 Positive migrants being escorted across #Texas borders???? You may want to fear those for your family a little more than a mask. And yeah, they can have their groceries delivered these days....your idiocracy embarrassing.

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Knowing the risks and consequences that his decision to open Texas 100% will bring to the people of #Texas, Gov. #Abbott is already paving the way by blaming immigrants and Biden ahead of time for any future infections and deaths.

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This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to my city of #elpaso #texas this woman has given herself three raises since she’s been in office during Trump and has done nothing for the hispanic community but bring a mass shooter to my city with her hateful words.

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Let's pray for the safety healthcare workers & 1st responders in #Texas 🙏🙏🙏🙏

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Texas’s Oldest Cold Case is Still Unsolved - via @pensignal #TrueCrime #Lost #Texas #Mystery #MissingPersons

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Good luck to the Wildcat and Kangaroo soccer players as they play for the seat in the state playoffs‼️⚽️⚽️⚽️ @templewildcats

#soccer #playoffs #texas #highschoolsports #symmetrysports

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Hypocrisy, it's the #Republicans middle name. If the @GOP in #Texas don't like being called #Neanderthal but let five years of #Trump bullying go by, then maybe #Neanderthalthinking is accurate.

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This is the worst thing that’s ever happened to my city of #elpaso #texas this woman has given herself three raises since she’s been in office during Trump and has done nothing for the hispanic community but bring a mass shooter to my city with her hateful words. Now she

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Wie durch Ignorieren der Realität Stimmung gegen die schwedische #Corona-Politik gemacht wird
#Lockdown #Schweden #Maskenpflicht #AllesOEffnen #MaskeAb #Texas #GreatReset #Plandemie #MerkelMussWeg #merkelquaeltkinder

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It least there are SOME (probably many) people in Texas (not called governor) who realize we are ALL swimming in the same bathwater. #Texas

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Good Luck to the Wildcat Soccer team as they travel to Killeen to take on the Kangaroos. Temple victory secures state playoff berth.

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[«Actué como cualquier sanfelipeño», dijo el alcalde de San Felipe, tras
golpear a hombre en situación de calle.

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We need your help! We are in urgent need of large blankets, any help would be much appreciated! We have a no contact donation bin outside our front doors from 12-6pm everyday. You find us at 4804 Fredericksburg Rd, just outside loop 410. Thank you so much!

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My statement about the Biden administration assimilating Covid positive illegal immigrants in states across the country

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THE Rx TO REOPEN Texas is Open for Business!; A ‘Morally Compromised’ Vaccine is Authorized; NYU Professor Under Attack Over Masks; Dr. Bartlett’s Covid Silver Bullet is Catching On #Texas #Open #Masks #Covid19 #EP205 #CancelCulture #SilverBullet #Budes

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Texas doctors say Gov. Greg Abbott's decision to scrap mask mandate could result in another Covid-19 surge

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It's unbelievable to see imbeciles freak out over people not wearing masks in Texas. Yet those same imbeciles have no objection to Biden releasing covid positive illegals into Texas.
Get a fucking brain and some logic.

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The Biden Administration is recklessly releasing hundreds of illegal immigrants who have COVID into Texas communities.

The Biden Admin. must IMMEDIATELY end this callous act that exposes Texans & Americans to COVID.

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