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To see what #HS2Ltd #MarkThurston #BorisJohnson
#BritainsBolsonaro are destroying watch #Winterwatch



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@radicaliws @CazHumphreys #HS2Rebellion


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@SueSuezep With a Gun to my head, and can’t think of other choices so green it has to be. But only cos of fight against #stophs2. The thought of voting for any of those others is nauseating.

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@Hs2Rebellion First they take the woodlands - now coming for the farms and peoples homes - time to #StopHS2 for good

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Second beaver released in #Plymouth
#Devon #rewilding #environment #flooding #ActNow #WeWantToLive #woodland #StopHS2

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Transport Secretary launches £794 million to improve existing rail. Maybe they are listening but still how does this compare with the ecologically disastrous 100 billion for HS2?

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Baby steps... #StopHS2

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So today the River Trent nearly burst it’s banks, 2.5 miles north it’s tributary, the River Erewash, on it’s floodplain #HS2, #midlandsconnect, Notts council & others want to develop & urbanise inundated land to try a bolster an already weak economic case for HS2! #StopHS2

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@carolJhedges @BorisJohnson I'm in. The worst prime minister and government in my 61 years on this planet. Also, school meals - fail. Bozo also supports HS2 which is another fail re the environment. The list of fails could be as long as 'War and Peace'. #StopHS2

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I don't know where £30bn came from. More like £130bn by the time it's finished. #StopHS2

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Ministers are set to launch a consultation with residents in parts of the Midlands over the "extremely disruptive" impact of monstrous white elephant #HS2 on their communities. #HS2Rebellion #Shropshire #Staffordshire

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@HS2ltd @PaulMBigland And the fossils of a few #StopHS2 protestors....

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@Hs2Rebellion #activist Larch poses a good question from #StopHS2 Euston protection camp, ‘Why is @HS2ltd allow to carry on work destroying England valuable Environment why the normal person has to stay at home? @BorisJohnson @XRebellionUK @XRLondon #ExtinctionRebellion #Actnow

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@CheshireEast Disgusting that you do not care about your constituents @stophs2 @Hs2Rebellion, what was your gagging order worth to someone's back pocket #CORRUPTION #stopHS2 #ecocide

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@HS2ltd @Andrew_Adonis ...and a frightening amount of environmental destruction. #StopHS2

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So heartening to scroll through twitter today - the children and young people from all over the 🌍 on #schoolstrike 127
The #ClimateEmergency is not going away and nor is the need to make our leaders #ActNow
#FridaysForFuture #FaceTheClimateEmergency
#StopHS2 #ClimateAction

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Please take a few seconds to read this . HS2 is destroying our hedgerows trees wildlife and countryside #stopHS2

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The 'HS2 Speak' at makes my heart sink. 'Compensatory measures' re: habitat? Tell it to the toads, the owls, the #badgers, the hares, the #bats. Habitat doesn't get 'lost' - it gets forcibly taken. #StopHS2 @AnimalsCount @mcahs2

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“If you go down to the woods today” #HS2 #stopHS2 #rethinkHS2

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What questions should @MattWestern_ ask at HS2 debate

HS2 will never recover its £128bn build costs, but will it even cover it's operating costs?. After 13 yrs HS1 is still not covering its operating costs, requiring a govt subsidy & increased fares on other lines to pay for it

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@LozzaFox We don't smell much of that round 'ere, except a strong odour of 'HS2 Rank Populist Diktat'.

(contains essences of Nationalist Authoritarian Diktats and extracts from China, Russia and North Korea)

Available in Boots.


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#HS2 is a scam and a crime, building for a market that won't exist and a future that won't happen.

#StopHS2 #COVID19 #fridaymorning #ToryLies #ToryCrimes #ToryCriminals #ToryMurders #ToryCorruption #ToryRapists #NoConfidence #ToryIncompetence

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Warwick & Leamington MP demands regular external inquiries into #HS2 #environmental #damage amid fresh calls for review. MP Matt Western has accused the Government of allowing @HS2ltd to ‘mark its own homework’ over damage. #ActNow & #StopHS2

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@LBC @SadiqKhan @mrjamesob Ask him about when he’s going to support #stophs2. @stophs2
Oh and ask him when he’s going to resign. Thanks

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we need local green public transport for short regular journeys not HS2. #stophs2

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Come on Prime Minister time to dump hugely costly & environmentally damaging HS2 project & put a tiny fraction of its funding to keep Euro Star HS1 in operation. HS1 reduces air travel, carbon emissions & is hugely important London & UK economy @ShaunBaileyUK @peterjameshall_

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Good bit of analysis in the @FT this morning. UK's disregard for public transport for decades, particularly in rural areas, now has literally meant that having access to a car is required for vaccination.

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If #BorisJohnson was serious about doing something effective to mitigate effects, such as floods, that will increasing come with this #ClimateAndEcologicalEmergency, then he would #StopHS2. The #HS2GravyTrain is trashing the English countryside.

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@SueSuezep Says #BorisTrump who is a Trump and Bannon supporter.

Johnsons Bigly Wildlife Wall.

Democracy shall overturn his appalling populist Undemocratic Climate Changing Nature Blitzing Diktats and Build Back Greener in a better, kinder and more inclusive Britain.

Get Rid.


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@gregsmith_uk @Jacob_Rees_Mogg Thanks for trying to raise this. Another significant step in the attempt to #StopHS2, reaching far wider than just Buckinghamshire.

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One of our #HS2Rebellion campaigners has had her van stolen😥. The van supported #StopHS2 camps, transported goods & people etc. She needs another £2000 to help replace the van. Please support her & share the crowdfunder🙏🏽 Every £ counts! 💚 Thanks ➡ ⬅️

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The #Tories and #HS2Ltd must not be allowed to get away with their barefaced, gaslighting lies, about the enormous and irreparable damage they are inflicting on vast swathes of the English countryside for the scandalously costly #HS2GravyTrain.

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@HS2ltd Do you even believe your own spin? Are you embarrassed writing this, knowing how much devastation it's caused to the nature and wildlife? I don't know how you sleep at night. #ecocide #StopHS2

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Warwick & Leamington MP Matt Western's latest speech in Parliament on #HS2. Have you asked your local MP what they are doing to #StopHS2?

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2021 just keeps on giving, Biden sworn in and then a Mail columnist making a total tit of himself. its going to be a great year 😍 can we just stop HS2 whilst we are on a roll. #StopHS2

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please sign this petition to demand that the UK government ban the import of cotton from the Xinjiang region.

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Today I called on @Jacob_Rees_Mogg to ensure time is made for a full debate on HS2 in light of the new petition which reached 100,000+ signatures in just a few days. Our voices must heard against this unwanted, unnecessary and ever costly, destructive and disruptive project.

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#Biden sad the new US president has removed bust of Winston Churchill from oval Office but to replace him with the hard left failed socialist Cesar Chavez is very worrying

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This #HS2 petition from our friends @ChrisPackham @RichardWalker is speeding towards 100,000 👇 Our concerns remain about the risks to nature from HS2 - including local species extinctions along parts of the route. #RethinkHS2

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