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We love knowing our customers are happy!

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Want to see what others have to say? See all the reviews:

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I've learned a TON about sponsorships and partnerships, and I can't wait to do it again!! #SIAwards2020 #RideWithTheGeneral

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We love our interns. Check out this opportunity from our Data Science Team! #RideWithTheGeneral

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Great opportunity to make a direct impact! If you're passionate about #datascience or #MLengineering we encourage you to apply! #internships @TheGeneralAuto

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#RideWithTheGeneral So faxual Thanks to my pal giineteo! I love @TheGeneralAuto and i save some time

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Some words of wisdom from The General's Chief Revenue Officer Elicia Azali.

What motivates your entrepreneurial spirit? Tell us below!

#RideWithTheGeneral #BlackEntrepreneursDay

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It's Friday the 13th 😱
Black cats, broken mirrors, spilled salt: What superstitions do you believe in?


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How it started vs. How it's going.
#RideWithTheGeneral #HowItStarted

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Show off the ‘stache before stashing that candy. Show us what you're carving up for Halloween! Send us your pics, and we may just share our favs!
#Halloween #RideWithTheGeneral

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Repeat “The General has great low rates” three times and maybe he’ll appear.
#Halloween #RideWIthTheGeneral

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Violations on your record are a bit of a bad news / good news situation.

Bad news: They do impact your rate. 😕
Good news: An affordable rate is still possible! 🤩

Check out our guide to affordable insurance. #RideWithTheGeneral

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In the market for a new insurance provider, but have no idea where to start? We have a handy guide with everything you need to know about buying insurance online. #RideWithTheGeneral

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Our Enterprise (@amfam) leads the way again making sure we get time to exercise our civic duty and responsibility to vote. #AllInTogether #AmFam #TheGeneral #RideWithTheGeneral

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That's my enterprise! So proud to personally be a part of this enterprise for nearly 18 years! #IWork4AMFAM #RidewithTheGeneral @TheGeneralAuto

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Voting is important and @AmFam has long supported employees in exercising this right with paid time off. COVID-19 creates new challenges and we want to ensure all our people can easily and safely vote, so we're giving them the entire day off. #iWork4AmFam

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It's a good policy, but we still have questions. #RideWithTheGeneral

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Shaq decides to #RideWithTheGeneral by teaming up with The General Insurance

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For over 55 years The General has been there for our customers for all the twists and turns along the road. #RideWithTheGeneral

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You only get one chance at a first impression. Don't let someone else take the wheel due to lapsed coverage. #RideWithTheGeneral

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We get it, accidents happen. The General Insurance has got your back. #RideWithTheGeneral

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Meet Nina: She works two jobs to help pay for school and uses The General Insurance app to pay her premium by credit card. The General offers several payment methods to fit any situation, go to to find out more. #RideWithTheGeneral

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Embarrassing moments happen to everyone. Luckily, when your car is involved, The General Insurance is there for you. #RideWithTheGeneral

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The General Insurance app makes it easy to manage your insurance, make payments, or file claims all from your phone! Download the app today: #RideWithTheGeneral

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Need a great value on your insurance? The General has got you covered. Visit to learn more. #RideWithTheGeneral

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A low rate is more than a clean driving record and a good credit score. On the hunt for auto insurance and have two minutes to spare? Visit . #RideWithTheGeneral

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Looking for a sweet discount on your Auto Insurance? The General can help! Visit to see what you can save. #RideWithTheGeneral

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It's not you, it's them. Be protected from those driving without adequate coverage by knowing your options. Learn more about the different coverage types at #RideWithTheGeneral

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Planning to buy a car? We'll get you covered. #RideWithTheGeneral

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You've heard of comprehensive and collision coverage, but how do you know which one is right for you and your vehicle? Keep watching to learn more: #RideWithTheGeneral

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What is liability coverage and how does it work? We've laid it out for you. Want to learn more about your coverage? Keep watching: #RideWithTheGeneral

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Sun is out, cruisin' is in. 😎 We’ve put together the ultimate playlist for you to crank up on your next ride. Listen now: #RideWithTheGeneral

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PIP and medical payments coverage are similar types of insurance, but did you know that PIP may also cover lost income or therapy costs stemming from an accident? Want to see review your options? Visit The General Insurance here: #RideWithTheGeneral

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It may seem small, but over time, the Round-Up Rule can help you stash some extra cash away. Some banks even offer this as a feature for checking accounts. #RideWithTheGeneral

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Unexpected accidents can happen to the best of us. Here are four things to keep in mind if you find yourself in a bind. #RideWithTheGeneral

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