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Justin thank you so much for the plug tonight you are the man #Re2pect @consolekits

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RIP to the Clean Homerun King 👑
#HammerinHank #RE2PECT

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El Capitan my favorite player ever #re2pect

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Yeah Jeets! #RE2PECT

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@MLBVault @MLB "How do you rate losing?" - Derek Jeter #RE2PECT #Yankees

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One year ago today, Derek Jeter was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

One of the best to ever do it.

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Robert Saleh making being Lebanese cool for the first time since...ever? #re2pect🇱🇧

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A year ago today, Derek Jeter was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame.

(via @PlayersTribune)

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One year ago today, Derek Jeter received a call that was over two decades in the making.

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Thanx very much, the captain Derek Sanderson Jeter 2. ありがとう。

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This is amazing! #RE2PECT

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Stop it bro! Always an honor compite against hitters like you an such a competitive team! Awesome semifinales! Good memories, stay healthy and hungry papá! #re2pect 😉👊🏼😎 #shitoland

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El sentimiento de un profesional que siente amor por su trabajo y que la salud no le permitió estar al frente del barco los últimos tres partidos de la Serie Final!!! Todos fueron derrotas para su equipo. #Sazonando vía @JuniorMatrille

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J-Lo is very hot and an absolutely brilliant performer...

Jeter would never want his wife to meddle in politics like A-Rod does #RE2PECT

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@Shito45 @yaquis_oficial @verdesxsiempre You were nasty that game!!! 🔥 you killed us

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Final touchups underway and this 1993 SP Jeter artwork will be complete!

20” x 28”; Cut baseball cards; SOLD.

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I still got them plays after a few months without playing! 😂 i almost botched it actually. I dashed and missed my ULT completely, kept attacking and as soon as she flashed, i hit her with the KOBE FADEAWAY. FLASH BACK KILL. You see my name... GIVE IT TO ME!! #RE2PECT

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@swampudlian 1. She sounds a lot more fun than I would have thought.

2. You mean Gil Gerard got to hang out with Wilma Deering and Princess Ardala at work and then came home to Connie Selleca? #RE2PECT

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Nothing but #RE2PECT 👑👑

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There are many words i can say about this photo. But the one that comes up first is "Hero" not because of the numbers he put up but the moments provided by him that made me love baseball. Most importantly he is black just like me. MR. NOVEMBER #RE2PECT

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I’m not even mad I’m petty 😈

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Gloves on a kicker is the ultimate hardoooo move


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Bills fans donated to one of Lamar Jackson's favorite charities shortly after he suffered a concussion Saturday night.

As of 12 p.m. ET on Sunday, 2,500 individual donations have been received, totaling over $75,000.

(Story by @MikeReiss)

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Aguiluchos entiendan que asi como ustedes querian y celebraron que el Licey perdio el año pasado de los Toros asi mismo los Liceista haran esta vez si terminan perdiendo. Esto es ojo por ojo. Pero nada personal al final los pelotero de las aguilas son Dominicanos 🤷🏾‍♂️ #Re2pect

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Nadie le ha quitado merito a las Aguilas por algo tienen 21 coronas y a ley de dos juegos para tener la 22

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@CYB3RTX @Sofiaan @28delayslater That's what makes him the great man he is #Re2pect

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If you thought there couldn't possibly be more #orioles news from yesterday: Third baseman Rio Ruiz changed his number to 2, according to the club's transactions. #Breaking

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#CaptainJeterFriday #LetsGoYankees #Yankees @RE2PECT2JETER @judgemania99 @ccyankeechick82 @Mischa_SuitsFan @iLetsPlayBall @GeorgeFalkowski @AlexKielar @Jimmy27BronxNY @re2pectjeta @GuernseyChase


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Welcome the 2 time CY Young Winner to the Big 🍎, @CKluber #RE2PECT

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@clarkcampbell44 Can’t deny that! That’s a #veteranmove #re2pect

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@RyanGarciaESM Haven’t even graduated high school yet and you’re a better writer than me. #Re2pect.

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@stoolpresidente Dave, I'm not a Barstool fan ( mainly because I don't fit into the demographic of the target audience) but I do have #RE2PECT for you for this move. No man is more deseving of a golf VAC than @nlbmprez He truly carries the spirit of Buck O'Neil. Great move! #BeLikeBuck #CapTip

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@meec1199 We believe in each other #RE2PECT

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