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If the #Packers are going to beat the #Buccaneers, What will be the KEY #INGREDIENT?

What's the No. 1 thing that *needs* to happen?

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One of only 3 #Packers GMs to build a Super Bowl champion. RIP, Ted.

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Former Packers GM Ted Thompson passes away at 68 #Packers

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@ByRyanWood He loved the scouting process, I do know that. And boy! Did he get us some great players. Didn't he even sleep in his office at times? He gave us ALL his best for those years. A true #Packers and football LEGEND! 💔💔💔

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Out of the four QB’s playing this Championship Sunday, I think it’s most important for Aaron Rodgers. He hasn’t been back to the Super Bowl since 2010 and has lost 3 NFCCG’s since then. He’s finally got one at Lambeau and it feels like a huge matchup legacy-wise for him. #Packers

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Ted Thompson was the #Packers GM from 2005-17, the team had 8x playoff seasons from 09-16 & won a Super Bowl.

Here are some of the notable players Thompson has drafted in each round:

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Sad news today.

Former #Packers GM Ted Thompson passed away.

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New episode:Jan 21, 2021 What QB has the most to gain or lose?? #ToiletTalkSports #NFL #Packers #Billsmafia #Bucs #Chiefs #KansasCity #Wisconsin #Buffalo #TomBrady #Mahomes #PhillipRivers #NFLPlayoffs

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Wow. RIP to a Legend. #Packers

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UPDATE: #Packers organization confirms former general manager Ted Thompson has died.

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#Packers by 20 Sunday

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Ein spannendes WE kommt auf uns zu! Wenn es so läuft wie letzten Samstag, dann wird 2021 legendär 😈🏈 GO D# #GreenBayPackers #rannflsüchtig #AnyGivenSunday leider ohne #ClayMatthews52 😢 #Packers

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Ted Thompson, ex GM dos #Packers faleceu aos 68 anos.

Thompson foi campeão do SB XLV com a equipe de Green Bay.

A primeira escolha de Draft de Ted Thompson foi, Aaron Rodgers em 2005. Ele também selecionou TODOS os Frist Team All Pro do #Packers da última temporada.


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#Packers, #Bills, #Bucs, #Chiefs. What do they have in common? Not a single assistant coach “likely” to be hired as HC this cycle. Now, that does not mean those that WERE hired are not deserving, but having talked with each of these teams for #MNF this year, that is shocking.

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The Packers are not the Packers of today without Ted Thompson. He’ll go down as a Packers legend.

#WinItForTed #Packers

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RIP Ted Thompson. An unrivaled NFL talent evaluator who drafted the best player in league history with his very first pick.

#GoPackGo #Packers #TedThompson

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Really shook me. RIP to such a quintessential part of this #Packers team foundation.

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As much as I want it to be a @StateFarm Super Bowl there can only be one of these Men that lead their Teams on Sunday to victory....which Leader of Men will it be 🧐🏈 #Packers #Chiefs #SuperBowl

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My latest for @cheeseheadtv looks at the #Packers offensive line and how they hold the key to a better performance against the #Bucs this Sunday. #TBvsGB #GoPackGo #NFL

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Just saw the Ted Thompson news. Devastating. He sure had some whiffs in the draft, but he'll always be remembered for the architect of the #SuperBowl XLV champion #Packers team and the guy who drafted Aaron Rodgers. Also drafted Clay Matthews and signed Charles Woodson. RIP

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Former #Packers GM Dies: Super Bowl champion GM Ted Thompson, 68, died Wednesday night #NFL

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We said our goodbyes, and at that time I told him I was a fan of the #Packers & what he has done as their GM. I thanked him he smiled and said I already knew that and thank you for the kind words I appreciate it. He was a kind soul, very respectful and a man I will miss

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#RIP Ted Thompson very sad he made the #Packers really fun to watch most of my life

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Ted Thompson set the #Packers up for success by doing the unpopular thing.

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Wow. Rest In Peace, Ted. 😢💚💛 #Packers #PackersFamily

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#Packers #NFL #RIP 🏈🙏🏻🏈

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@JayGlazer So sad. Will always remember how he brought Reggie White and @BrettFavre and the great #Packers playoffs and #superbowl run

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Thanks for the memories, Ted. RIP 🙏

#Packers #rip

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#RIPTedThompson thank you for the #Lombardi and thank you for being such a huge part of #Packers History. #GoPackGo

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One of the best to do it



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As reported by @TomSilverstein, former #Packers GM Ted Thompson dies, aged 68

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Dang, Rest in Peace Ted Thompson. #Packers #GoPackGo

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It’s official, the #Packers have signed Tramon Williams! #GoPackGo

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Packers Offensive Line Holds the Key to a Better Offensive Performance vs Bucs #Packers #GoPackGo

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Tough day for many people in the scouting community with the loss of Ted Thompson. Ted was a scout’s scout, even after he became @packers general manager. Very few GMs roll up their sleeves and stay true to their road scout roots like Ted did. 🙏

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New from JSOnline and PackersNews: Former Green Bay Packers general manager Ted Thompson dies at 68 #Packers

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Former #Packers GM Ted Thompson has passed away at the age of 68. Thompson was the architect of Green Bay's Super Bowl 45 roster and he brought in many of the current players who will play on Sunday for the NFC Title.


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The list of accomplishments under Ted Thompson is long:

*Architect of the Super Bowl XLV
*9 playoff appearances
*4 NFC Championships
*Brought in Aaron Rodgers, Davante Adams, Aaron Jones, Kenny Clark, David Bakhtiari, among others

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Very sad news. Just heard from two sources that former #Packers GM Ted Thompson died last night. He had just turned 68 on Jan. 17.

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I can hear an echo "in Ted we trust?"

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