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Netflix Cancellations: Effective Immediately

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#DollyKittyAurWohChamakteSitare @ektarkapoor @konkonas @bhumipednekar @KubbraSait @alankrita601 @kkundrra @masseysahib @balajimotionpic #neelimaazim All of you guys please take a bow!

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.@priyankachopra wishes Danielle on her birthday, #IshaanKhatter cried while watching mom #NeelimaAzim on-screen

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#DollyKittyAurWohChamakteSitare by @alankrita601, ft. @konkonas @bhumipednekar @masseysahib @amolparashar @kkundrra @KubbraSait @pavleen_gujral #NeelimaAzim & @AamirBashir, now streaming on @NetflixIndia.

@ektaravikapoor @balajimotionpic @RuchikaaKapoor @tiyatejpal @charu604

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@KapadeShop @shahidkapoor @itsSSR Drug mafias getting exposed , not sure how #PankajKapoor Sir # #neelimaazim madam will react , so much respect for them but #ShahidKapoor me naam dubaya , so much dirt behind his innocent smile , one video viral shahid among drug gangs , shame on you Shahid

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#DollyKittyAurWohChamakteSitare by @alankrita601!

#NeelimaAzim and @AamirBashir

Premieres Sept 18th on @NetflixIndia.

Trailer out tomorrow.


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#DollyKittyAurWohChamakteSitare by @alankrita601, feat. @konkonas @bhumipednekar @masseysahib @amolparashar @kkundrra @KubbraSait #NeelimaAzim and @AamirBashir, premieres Sept 18th on @NetflixIndia.

Trailer out tomorrow.

@ektaravikapoor @balajimotionpic

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#DollyKittyAurWohChamakteSitare by @alankrita601, feat. @konkonas @bhumipednekar @masseysahib @amolparashar @kkundrra @KubbraSait #NeelimaAzim and @AamirBashir, premieres Sept 18th on @NetflixIndia.

Trailer out tomorrow.

@ektaravikapoor @balajimotionpic @RuchikaaKapoor

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#DollyKittyAurWohChamakteSitare by @alankrita601, feat. @konkonas @bhumipednekar @masseysahib @amolparashar @kkundrra @KubbraSait #NeelimaAzim and @AamirBashir, premieres this September on @NetflixIndia.

@ektaravikapoor @balajimotionpic @RuchikaaKapoor

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#DollyKittyAurWohChamakteSitare Premieres This September on @NetflixIndia

@alankrita601 @konkonas @bhumipednekar @masseysahib @amolparashar @kkundrra @KubbraSait #NeelimaAzim @AamirBashir @ektaravikapoor @balajimotionpic @RuchikaaKapoor @rohitchaturvedi

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#DollyKittyAurWohChamakteSitare by @alankrita601, feat. @konkonas @bhumipednekar @masseysahib @amolparashar @kkundrra @KubbraSait #NeelimaAzim and @AamirBashir, premieres this September on @NetflixIndia.

@ektaravikapoor @balajimotionpic @RuchikaaKapoor @rohitchaturvedi

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Bollywood Stars Who Married 3 Times or MORE | 2020 via @YouTube #sanjaydutt #kishorekumar #siddharthroykapoor #karansinghgrover #adnansami #vidhuvinodchopra #kabirbedi #neelimaazim

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. @Neenagupta001's much loved show #Saans (1998-99) now available on the @TataSky Seniors channel.

@Neenagupta001 #KanwaljeetSingh #KavitaKapoor #ShaguftaAli #AshokLokhande #BharatKapoor #NeelimaAzim

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@BollywoodNewbie As I told @TheManish89 - I never understood the hype around #Sadak, was it because of the first transgendered character or because Sanjay Dutt reunited with Mahesh Bhatt after Kabzaa and Naam? Why make #Sadak2? Also no #NeelimaAzim in Sadak2?

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'To the bestest Baba' Mira Rajput's birthday wish for Pankaj Kapur is love with a mango twist — view post
#MiraRajput #NeelimaAzim #PankajKapur #ShahidKapoor

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#NeelimaAzim reveals that it was @shahidkapoor who wanted her to have a child again

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Shahid Kapoor's mom on her daughter-in-law Mira: I have never had a daughter, so Mira is my daughter
#Ishaan #Mira #Misha #NeelimaAzim #ShahidKapoor

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बहु #MiraRajput को लेकर #ShahidKapoor की मां #NeelimaAzim ने कहा- शाहिद और परिवार को बहुत ख़ुशी दी'

@shahidkapoor @shahidkapoorFC @shahidkapoorNet @MiraRajput   

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#NeelimaAzim ने हाल ही में एक इंटरव्यू में तलाक के बारे में किया खुलासा

@shahidkapoor #PankajKapoor #Bollywood

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नीलिमा ने पंकज से तलाक के बाद राजेश खट्टर से शादी की मगर ये शादी भी नहीं चल पाई...

#ShahidKapoor #NeelimaAzim #PankajKapoor

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'Mira Rajput has got the entire family together': Neelima Azim is all praises for Shahid Kapoor's wife
#MiraRajput #NeelimaAzim #ShahidKapoor

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#ShahidKapoor’s mother #NeelimaAzim reveals her initial thoughts after meeting #MiraRajput for the first time

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#NeelimaAzim has opened up about her separation with veteran actor #PankajKapur when their son #ShahidKapoor was only 3.5 years old.

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#MiraRajput has made #ShahidKapoor so happy,’ says #NeelimaAzim, calls her the daughter she never had

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#NeelimaAzim says that the happiness #Mira has given @shahidkapoor makes her very happy

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'He moved on': #NeelimaAzim on divorce with friend of 15 years #PankajKapur when #ShahidKapoor was just 3.5 years old

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Shahid Kapoor’s Mother Neelima Azim BREAKS Silence On Her Divorce With Pankaj Kapur: “I Didn’t Decide To Separate”

@shahidkapoor #PankajKapoor #NeelimaAzim #Koimoi

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"The love and happiness that Mira has given Shahid makes us happy. Today, I feel happy that with Mira, Shahid, Misha and Zain, Ishaan and my family is also complete." - #NeelimaAzim

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"Mira is the most undramatic person of us all. She's the only one stuck among all of us actors, and we are all very dramatic." - #NeelimaAzim

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"Shahid was a huge help in case of Ishaan. He's not only his biggest inspiration and motivation but I know it for a fact that Ishaan loves me because I'm his mother but he loves Shahid equally." - #NeelimaAzim

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"I have several photos of them sitting and reading newspapers. So Shahid had a mini Shahid in his lap." - #NeelimaAzim

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#NeelimaAzim and #PankajKapur tied the knot in 1975 but parted ways a few years later

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.@shahidkapoor told #NeelimaAzim that he wanted a brother; danced with joy when #IshaanKhatter was born

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"So I remember I wanted a girl and I couldn't have promised Shahid a brother. But my doctor, after Ishaan was born, didn't congratulate us first. She said, "Congratulations to Shahid. He's got his baby brother." - #NeelimaAzim

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"I had my own journey which was all about picking myself up & I had my friends & family to support. I had my cousins and my guru Pt. Birju Maharaj. But most of all, I had Shahid. He gave me an insurmountable belief in life. I was young so I was able to do it again"- #NeelimaAzim

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' #ShahidKapoor had a mini version of himself on his lap': #NeelimaAzim speaks up on actor's bond with brother #IshaanKhatter

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"I would like to say that I didn't decide to separate. It's a fact. He moved on and it was a difficult thing for me to stomach but he also had his reasons. We had been friends from a long time. I think I was 15 years old when I became friends with him." - #NeelimaAzim

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