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RIP Deputy Chief Don Kurtz and his wife Lt. Christine Kurtz of Montville FD. Both EMS providers lost last month to #COVID19 #HealthcareHeroes @CTZebra #WearAMaskSaveAlife

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@WhiteHouse Please give a huge thank you to @NC_Governor, @AtriumHealth and @honeywell here in Charlotte NC. Took my Mom for her Covid-19 vaccine at the speedway. It was quick, efficient, and the staffers were amazing!!! True heroes!!

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#HealthcareHeroes are in our schools too. Susan Borinsky will not enjoy retirement. Instead she died with schools reopening- #collateraldamage that local authorities decided was acceptable. Honor her service by #WearAMask and #SocialDistancing . .@BenCardinforMD .@VanHollenForMD

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Specific demands to break the cycle of corona crisis by @khadditbeirut
- join us to alleviate immediate suffering and begin to mobilize for recovery & fair #VaccineStrategy! #Lebanon #COVIDSecondWave #HealthcareHeroes #community #medication @najat_saliba

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Wear a mask , it’s for the safety of everyone!😷🙏😷 #maskup #HealthcareHeroes #COVID #SaveLives

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Thank you for your none stop devotion during this crisis.
#Swiftbrokers #swiftbrokersfamily #beyoundcare #beyondsuperheroes #Healthcare #healthcareheroes #doctors #nurses #pharmacists #health #life #staysafe #stayhome

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Our thoughts are with their families, friends and colleagues during this very difficult time.

The cause of the crash is being investigated by authorities.

May the Angels hymn their praises for them as they accompany them to the Divine Light. So be it.

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I have my alarm set to go off for 4:50pm today..... there is no shame in that.... #shortstaffed #HealthcareHeroes #COVID19 #16hourshifts

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open letter to ESNEFT CEO, @theRCN @unisontheunion @thecsp @tomhunt1988 demanding enhanced PPE for frontline staff. #COVIDisAirborne #FreshAirNHS #NurseTwitter be proactive, not reactive!

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Who is your #RealAustralianOfTheYear?
#Nursing, #HealthcareHeroes, #IStandWithDan?

Would be great of we could get it trending and make a point to #ScottyFromHillsong.


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Thank you #HealthcareHeroes 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

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Lori Marie Key, a 29-year-old #nurse from Livonia, Michigan, sang “Amazing Grace” at the #COVID19 National Mall Memorial. #healthcareheroes #nurseleaders

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the AsotCare App today.

#Bookdoctor #appointment #online #astocare #healthcare #healthcareheroes #Chandigarh #mohali #panchkula #Zirakpur #kharar #india #bestoftheday #healthcareworkers #doctorsonline #healthcareapp #HealthcareOnline #onlinedoctors

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Global Nurse Force is recruiting nurses for Newcastle Upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.
Nurses with Medical/Surgical & Theatre experience can apply for this post.

#NHS #SupportNurses #GlobalNurseForce #NursingJobsUK #HealthcareHeroes #YourJob

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നിങ്ങൾ ഒരു മെഡിക്കൽ പ്രൊഫെഷണൽ ആണോ ?
OET ഒക്യുപേഷണൽ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് ടെസ്റ്റാണ്, ഹെൽത്ത് കെയർ പ്രൊഫഷണലുകൾക്കുള്ള ഇന്റർനാഷണൽ ഇംഗ്ലീഷ് പ്രൊഫിഷ്യൻസി ടെസ്റ്റാണിത്.

#Nursing #nurses #healthcare #HealthcareHeroes #healthcareworkers #doctors #Medical

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Staycaytion!! With generous compliments of @PanPacificSGP 🥰 #HealthcareHeroes🦸🏻‍♀️ #unwind 🦩🌴

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...him that his name was on a list of assassination targets. He came to the USA, and started the first Arabic-speaking mental health program at OHSU in Portland.
Read Baher's story in our archives, here: #MentalHealth #HealthcareHeroes #Iraq

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@ChicagoBears please make this happen for a lifelong Bears Fan!!! I am also on your MNF montage every year so I think you owe me one ;) #bucketlist #superbowl #HealthcareHeroes #ditka

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Love this!


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God bless our #HealthcareHeroes . They have to put up with so much

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@SlowmotoMe Thank you for your service #HealthcareHeroes

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Flu Shot Soup 😳

By popular demand....we will get the recipe to share!

#ChefsForAmerica #HealthcareHeroes

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Tips for vaccinators. #HealthcareHeroes

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The unknown #HealthcareHeroes that died on the #COVID19 frontlines should be part of #MourningInAmerica .

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Do u get a ticket if u don’t wear a seatbelt when ur behind d wheel of a car?! @AMarch4OurLives what d hell is wrong with these people! @uscongress00 @Everytown @MomsDemand did these adults not play games wd rules?! #americaisNOTstupid #coronavirus #supportusps #HealthcareHeroes

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We don't say it enough. THANK YOU to our #HealthcareHeroes in public health, our friends and neighbors in Kansas and our collaborative partners throughout the United States. We see you, & we couldn't do it without you❣️🌻 #KSPublicHealth @KansasPHC @KSPublicHealth

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This is an interesting piece of information for #impeachment trial @RepSwalwell @RepMarkTakano @RepJayapal @AMarch4OurLives @RVAT2020 @VetsForRL @RepsForBiden #makeamericaunitedagain #CoronaVaccine #supportusps #HealthcareHeroes @maddow @politico @HuffPostPol @FoxNews @CBSNews

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Happy that @Alex_S_Cullen is recovering & will be home tomorrow. Many thanks to #HealthcareHeroes & our publicly funded medical system. @OttawaHospital

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@SlowmotoMe @DaneDach Thanks so much for what you do! Follow the sanitizer with a squirt of aloe- every 4th or 5th time- when you have a break, use Cetaphil cream and rub into hands for a few min- that may help. Too: use Cetaphil at night or when you sleep with white cotton gloves. It will give your

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Anna Richardson, 56yo ER Registration Clerk, Franciscan Health, Lafayette, IN, died of #covid19 12/28. She was a gifted cake maker and loved to share her gift with friends and coworkers. She'd worked there 32 years. #healthcareheroes #WearAMask

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I have two healthcare workers from Martinsburg, West Virginia (population 18,000). Both were sent to me by my best friend who is (sort of) local to there. I never would have found them on my own. Who knows how many I’ll never find. My DMs are open, name your lost.

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Susan Borinsky, 62yo Nurse Practitioner, Baltimore City Health Dept, MD, died of #covid19 11/1. She rotated thru Baltimore schools, helping students with reproductive and other health issues -she was sickened soon after returning to work. #healthcareheroes

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COVID-denier tries to enter a hospital

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@tomflood1 Recovery room at the Ottawa General. Believe me, life is good with public healthcare!

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Margaret Court says she is being bullied. I wouldn’t say that. I just think she doesn’t deserve any honours. Who does? The doctors and nurses who have been looking after the sick in hospital with COVID. They really are the heroes.

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Danny Watkins, 67yo Fire Chief and 1st Responder, San Benito Fire Department, Texas, died of #covid19 1/12. After 35 years in firefighting, he was a consummate professional and a friend to all. He leaves a wife and 2 sons. #healthcareheroes #WearAMask

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200 servings of Pad Kee Mao & Flu Shot Soup being cooked up by the team at Taste of Thailand in Denver! These hot & comforting meals were delivered to frontline healthcare workers at Children's Hospital Colorado as part of WCK's Covid-19 emergency response. #ChefsForAmerica

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One official said he was moved to tears by the new sense of purpose. “It’s amazing what we can do when we take the gloves off,” the official said.

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Bonnie Hall, 61yo Charge RN, ContinueCare Hosp, Corbin, KY, died of #covid19 12/27. She enjoyed every moment with her family, especially her grandchildren, & had a passion for traveling, especially to the beach. #healthcareheroes

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BREAKING: Trump’s campaign paid organizers of pre-riot rally $2.7 million—Bloomberg. Arrest everyone involved.

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AND..... THERE IT IS. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) introduces legislation to PROHIBIT a mask mandate on federal grounds or interstate transportation amid the pandemic

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The 7,500 health care workers being invited by the NFL to the Super Bowl each will have received two vaccine doses by Jan. 24. Most will come from the Tampa area. Each other NFL team will identify four health care workers to send to the game and cover airfare and hotel costs.

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WATCH: With the Lincoln Memorial's Reflecting Pool as a backdrop, and 400 lights lit up in honor of the 400,000 who have died of the coronavirus dead, nurse Lori Marie Key sings “Amazing Grace.” (via @NewsHourArts)

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Thank you so much 👍 🐹 🍰 ☕🐿️👇👇👇👇👇👇

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Montville deputy fire chief, EMT wife die of COVID-19 just weeks apart.

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Because there is a best friend who is missed, a mom to hug… they are here. Thank you to the health care workers everywhere, we are forever grateful. #forevergrateful #HealthcareHeroes

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