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And another from the #HS2 phase 2b route

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Good to see #Nottinghamshire MPs flying the flag for #HS2 - so much more than trains. #covidrecovery #economy @DarrenG_Henry #broxtowe

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So much money is being pissed up the wall on #HS2
Maybe a better idea is to spend that money on a nationalised broadband infrastructure, electrifying the railways and building nationally owned nuclear power plants for cheap and clean energy.

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Sheet Piling (UK) Ltd have been awarded a contract to handle #SheetPile installation works as part of the #HS2 🚈 high-speed rail project:

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Probably a very smart move to get out now LOL!


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Graduate, Communications and Engagement vacancy @HS2ltd #London


#LondonJobs #HS2 #GraduateJobs

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Are there any detailed drawings available of the proposed #HS2 Crewe north Junction?

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@gregsmith_uk @Jacob_Rees_Mogg #JacobReesMogg did not appear to engage with #GregSmithMP's request to arrange a debate on #HS2 in light of the new petition which reached 100,000+ signatures in just five days. @icelandrichard #MichaelMansfieldQC

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As the proposed #NorthernPowerhouseRail route from @SheffCityRegion to @LeedsCC_News will also use the #HS2 route it safeguards the interests of that network too.

#levelup #connectivity #BuildBackBetter

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#NorthernPowerhouseRail director @TimWood1950 says we welcome this sensible and timely move by @transportgovuk.

It ensures the proposed #HS2 route through @WestYorkshireCA is protected so there will be fewer problems when the time for construction comes.

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@EileenPeck Without HS2 we simply don’t have the rail capacity for the future to get people & freight off roads and cut transport CO2 emissions to tackle GLOBAL #ClimateChange. Stopping #HS2 isn’t ‘green’, it’s exactly the opposite. You’re doing the roads lobby’s job for it.

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@HS2ltd #HS2 can your staff moderate their language in a public area please? 21 January 2021

#DalehouseLane, #Kenilworth #Warwickshire

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#HS2 how many are you infecting?

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All for the sake of a shiny train that enthusiasts have been bickering for, all because Europe has #highspeedrail. The photos of a train track next to a motorway don't punch it for me, this is what the harsh reality is of #HS2

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Daily round-up:

🌚 #QueensferryCrossing reopens

🌚 Step forward for #WestMidlandsMetro work

🌚 #HS2 new construction requirements

#Construction #Engineering #CivilEngineering #Bridges #Roads #Rail

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Greenpeace: The UK govt is ‘moving in the right direction on targets’. No, they are pouring money into airports, destroying woodlands for #HS2 & trading with far-flung countries. Then Tony Abbott 'global warming is absolute crap' heads the Board of Trade.

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@RichardWellings showing his true colours yet again. He is firmly in the pocket of the #road lobby, and detests #rail, not just #hs2. Opponents of the latter should remember they’ll get no support for their ‘upgrade existing’ or ‘reopen closed lines’

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Idiotic devastation caused by ignoring the ecosystems #HS2

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The advantage is, most regions start to benefit from the piece of infrastructure long before it is built. Birmingham, for instance, has experienced visible development since the #UK government first announced that #HS2 would get to the city.

#ukdevelopment #projects #planning

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98% of the contracts on #HS2 so far have gone to UK firms:

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IM RT #ing this as we think its import people know about #HS2s mal treatment of people and animals.

#Mark uploaded this morning. P/S

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@frances_cutler #hs2

It’s an insult to our intelligence and our environment!

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Railway lines are often an inefficient use of transport corridors. Rail routes could typically carry far more passengers and freight if they were concreted over: #HS2

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@BBCWorld It would be a good time to cancel #hs2 as an economically bankrupt idea that is massively damaging to our countryside and ultimately pointless

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At our, Board @DanJarvisMP said

The cancellation/delay #HS2 2b East has a serious knock on effect which undermines Northern Powerhouse Rail #Sheffield #Leeds

The @GovUK needs to guarantee that those major projects can be built in full & without delay

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@LilianGreenwood #Labour said ‘no blank cheque for #HS2’ - yet it appears Labour support HS2 whatever the cost, financially & environmentally.

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@LilianGreenwood @TanDhesi It should be called out for the environmental disaster and waste of money that it is. #HS2

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@PeterStefanovi2 @piersmorgan I think he should be moved to #hs2 he’d do well in a job where no one is accountable for anything@stophs2

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Boris Johnson "[One thing] I believe in absolutely passionately, is planting trees on the higher ground" - how about NOT CUTTING THEM DOWN IN THE FIRST PLACE?? #StopHS2 #HS2

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Instead of #HS2 why not infrastructure useful to millions and genuinely environmentally beneficial - #LocalPublicTransport #FreePublicTransport?

#CronyCapitalism #HS2GravyTrain
#NHS #Privatisation by stealth

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We've published our response to #HS2 Ltd’s latest consultation on changes to the phase 2b western leg design ( #Crewe to #Manchester). The consultation included two key proposals to the design north of Crewe. Find out more and read our full response:

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#HS2 will deliver connected, climate-resilient habitats at a new scale, raising the bar for future infrastructure projects.

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@skyfire747 @NTI26637228 @penny__traitor @cynicalkind Indeed. Weren't they called chariots in those days? 🤣 #hs2 #stophs2isdead

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Our floodplain I'd full to capacity maybe it's time to look at dredging the river weaver again as it is the main drain channel out from the area I feel for the people of flooded Northwich

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👋Broxtowe's @DarrenG_Henry once again flying the flag for the East Midlands in Parliament

❓Asking what the econ. impact would be for the region if the Eastern Leg was not delivered in full

📈He's right, HS2 is essential to our economic recovery and Building Back Better

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Tree stump on ancient woodland floor at edge of removed woodland that now can't soak up water from lack of trees. In the distance saplings & dead trees can't soak up water & sit in clay soil & translocated ancient soil #HS2ltd shows you what trees did. A valuable lesson @bbcmtd

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The Dogger Bank wind farm will produce enough electricity to power 5 million homes

Partner Content by @Equinor_UK

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