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@LauraBaileyVO Dearest Jester, Mr Luc would probably really appreciate that ring of fire resistance 🥵❤️ #criticalrole
Also rip, Yussa 😬, gl this week!

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Rewatching #CriticalRole's first #HoneyHeist; I had forgotten what a riot it was. Getting to watch @matthewmercer actually play, hearing @Marisha_Ray's pitch-perfect impressions of everyone, wincing at @BrianWFoster's parade of jokes...I love this so much.

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eu claramente não tenho auto controle e assisti S02 | E96 de Critical Role! #criticalrole #tvtime

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Pra fechar esse dia maravilhoso, é hora do melhor momento da noite : RPG!

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Hi @VoiceOfOBrien ! Sorry to bother you but I was wondering what your Constant Reader shirt from #CriticalRole Ep 128 said and where you got it from.

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Are you there, Stormlord? It’s me, Yasha. #CriticalRole

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BTW I would like to once again emphasize: Hug the wizard, you cowards!!! Hug him!!!

#CriticalRole #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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*me at 10:07 PM on Monday evening*

17 does not hit. How high is Trent's AC???


#CriticalRole #CriticalRoleSpoilers

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Beau/Yasha One Shot part 4: Mind Control is now posted on AO3!
See chapter notes for content warnings! #Beauyasha #CriticalRole

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Phylactery... I wonder if a certain Old teacher has perhaps leveraging our dear Bren for some body swap/somnovum copycat BS

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I’ve been getting into @CriticalRole recently and wanted to draw so I drew Jester 💙I really love how this turned out 💙 @LauraBaileyVO #dndart #criticalrole #artistsontwitter #criticalrolefanart #criticalrolejester #newpost #fun #art #fan #dungeonsanddragons

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I can hear the cicadas screaming...

Caduceus and Clarabelle having a nice summer evening picnic! This is inspired by an amazing cosplay shot starring @layahimalaya and @neonbirb, videography and editing by @fswrites! #criticalrolefanart #CriticalRole

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Can't wait to see Sam play Luc, the Assassin Rouge/Alchemist Artificer/Transmutation Wizard on a path of vengeance in Campaign 3, after Lucien absolutely slams down the mighty nine big style #CriticalRole

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Beau: I didn’t want to kill him, he just woke up-

Fjord: he was sleeping?!?!


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I need to get back on digital art. Here’s Molly from a while ago

#artwork #art #CriticalRole #CriticalRoleArt

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So that Gravity Sinkhole huh?

One with and without the blood :)
#calebwidogast #cr #criticalrole

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@matthewmercer Any chance you could share what you base Essek's accent on? #CriticalRole

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Lesbians with himbo energy are extremely valid. #criticalrole

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"Evil Is As Evil Does" (or "Inquiring Minds Want To Know!") #CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart #Veth #CalebWidogast

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Caleb Widowgast vai sobreviver essa campanha nem que eu tenha que trocar socos com o Matthew Mercer e Caleb vai ensinar o Luke e qualquer outra pessoa que quiser aprender mágica e Caleb com certeza será o que Trent nunca foi.

Um professor.


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#CriticalRole stickers now avalible in my newly opened etsy store!

RTs and Likes are really appreciated to spread the word :>

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Doing a doodle series of @CriticalRole characters! This time it's Caleb Widogast and The Fey Prince Frumpkin who both belong to the delightful @VoiceOfOBrien :D
#CriticalRole #criticalrolefanart #CriticalRoleArt #calebwidogast #frumpkin

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I love the fact how LGBTQ+ friendly the #CriticalRole community is. I love IT!

Being BI myself it definitely makes me feel very very vaild and accepted by a l group of amazing people.

Love you all! ❤️

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must share this idea because maybe an artist draws it: 'hate to see her go, love to watch her LEAF' but for vexleth #CriticalRole #vexleth

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an empire kids scene where caleb teaches beau the message cantrip 🥰🥰🥰 #criticalrole #giveittoMEEEE

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I HC Marion singing this song to tell people how proud she is of her daughter, and how much she misses her

#CriticalRole #CriticalRoleCosplay #rubyofthesea #marionlavorre #Jester #dnd #dungeonsanddragons #cosplay #cosplayergirl #tiefling #bodypaint

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Read a post where the OP states 'I'm tired of Caleb's arc' and I'm thinking that's not it, they're probably tired of the loud segment of the audience who is preoccupied with him to the detriment of everyone else on #criticalrole

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Things you could be doing right now that are more productive than arguing with strangers on Twitter. 1. Binging the entire 1000+ hours of the greatest improv content of all time. #CriticalRole

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Watching Ep 108 of #CriticalRole and Beau saying that everyone Jester meets is like, “well I’d maybe kill for you yeah!”
Yeah, totally. I would definitely kill for Jester.

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#CriticalRole THE NATURAL 20s!!!!!!!

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Hello Bees! 🐝💕 Shoutout to @CriticalRole for the best quality, fastest shipped, inexpensive merch item I own. This shirt was made for me. #CriticalRole #hellobees

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As it had 🎶been a while🎶 since I watched a YT ep of CR I went to check the comments on the most recent ep out of curiosity. Majority are enthusiastic, funny and wholesome. Death to the Twitch chat 😅 never accidentally opening that again *shudder* #CriticalRole

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The Pet Chair, A Wooden Chair That Casts the Silhouette of a Menacing Face. By designer Yaara Dekel.

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