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#calvinupshaw #AmericanIdol Can’t Stop An Won’t Stop💯💯💯💯🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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I have a wonderful voice never had vocal training pure talent from god I can’t stop an won’t stop music my dream my soul #calvinupshaw #AmericanIdol @LionelRichie @katyperry @LukeBryanOnline

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Sending good vibes to #CalvinUpshaw

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You would have had to have known him personally to know why we’re so proud! It’s only up from here #CalvinUpshaw Congrats again! 💛

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Calvin Upshaw American Idol 2021 Audition "Falling Out" Season 19


#americanidol #katyperry #lukebryan #lionelrichie #calvinupshaw

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Mississippi it’s our time 💪🏾 .... #DELTAMADE #MISSISSIPPIARTIST #CalvinUpshaw

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#AmericanIdol I Like How #LionelRichie Was Supportive And Encouraged #CalvinUpshaw. ~ #MichelleHOPEWalker Youtube:MichelleHOPEWalkerSpeaks @HOPE_Speaks @LionelRichie @AmericanIdol Date Posted 2/21/2021

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#AmericanIdol #CalvinUpshaw Singing And Performance Reminded Me Of K-Ci & JoJo. ~ #MichelleHOPEWalker Youtube:MichelleHOPEWalkerSpeaks @HOPE_Speaks @AmericanIdol 2/21/2021

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Glad to See What GOD Have In Store for You! Show them what it mean to really take an opportunity and make the best of it. We are will continue to follow your journey because we know where we came from isn't easy. Much Respect.
#QuitmanCounty #CalvinUpshaw #MississippiDelta

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@CoachJ1906 @AmericanIdol Way to go #Calvinupshaw . What a beautiful, soulful voice. Believe in yourself, you can do this!!

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Bless His Heart #CalvinUpshaw Den Cried His Way To Hollywood. He Had All Of Us Crying. I #Pray For Him Because It Sounds Like He Has Been Through A Lot. He Now Going From #Jail To Hollywood. He Being A Father To His Son And Has Family Support. #AmericanIdol @HOPE_Speaks 2/21/2021

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@katyperry This is why I love American idol!!!. Thank you Katy, Lionel, #calvinupshaw

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Watching this brave man bare his soul took me out. This is why I especially love these judges. They are so authentic and really recognize heart and soul. #idol #calvinupshaw

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No mater how far #CalvinUpshaw goes on the show, @katyperry, @LukeBryanOnline and @LionelRichie just changed that man’s life...forever #Salute #AmericanIdol

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Sitting here watching @AmericanIdol crying! Kid that grew up across the street from me just told his story and made it to the next round with his God-given talent. His story doesn’t begin to tell how much he’s overcome. I know everyone from Marks, MS felt that!!! #CalvinUpshaw 🖤

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Calvin I can’t find your twitter but hope you see this. Your story is seriously inspiring, not just saying that because it’s easy to on twitter. You’re incredible performing too, congrats on the golden ticket man. #americanidol #calvinupshaw

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Your past doesn’t define you, how you move forward with it does. Always gonna support you, #CalvinUpshaw ♥️ #AmericanIdol

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