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@Peston actually excited for #Budget2021 to be ambitious & boast the #RaceToZero ahead of #COP26. All eyes on #Scotland and #UK. #GreenEconomy can we #getonwithit ?

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Pacific #SIDS committed to strengthening energy transformation through more ambitious #NDCs ahead of #COP26.

@IRENA is working closely with several countries across the Pacific to enhance the #renewableenergy component of their submissions.

Learn more:

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Muirburn & DrivenGrouse Shooting, how does this fit with #COP26 ?

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@griffitha @TomTugendhat Hi Andrew, can you please explain why you voted against measures to prevent climate change? #netzero #togetherforourplanet #RaceToZero #COP26 @medialens

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@timbolord All in the back pocket for later in the year in advance of #COP26

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Fiji's ambassador to the UN explains that Pacific island countries plan to work with the UK on the road to the COP26 climate summit. #ClimateDiplomacy #COP26

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@AlokSharma_RDG @annietrev Can you explain why you...Generally voted against measures to prevent climate change? Don't thank me, thank Doesn't really stack up does it?

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Thanks excellent speakers @gold_lgold @seokaty @jamesbuchanan28 Alejandro Alemán, Very Revd John Conway, Chris Hegarty & chair @fionaebuchanan at 200+ Scottish Churches' Webinar: #COP26, Divestment & Investment in #JustGreenRecovery #scottishchurchesdivest

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@BobaxThreat @ElizabethMay @CanadianGreens It isn't a flick of the switch but why would you start a NEW project like this when the world will likely be discussing the @fossiltreaty at #COP26? And when #Ecocide could soon be a #CrimeAgainstHumanity? Seems very risky.

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Sir David Attenborough speech to the UN Security Council via @YouTube seeking security #COP26

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To limit #GlobalWarming to 1.5'C #TheGlobRace must now halve our emissions in the next 9 years to 2030. #ClimateCrisis #COP26

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Not to mention @COP26 - oh wait a mo - he didn’t mention #COP26 #ClimateAction

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#FundOurFutureNotGas #auspol #ClimateCrisis #COP26 #TellTheTruth #NetZero

@abcnews⁩ ⁦@ABCthedrum⁩ ⁦@InsidersABC⁩ ⁦@abc730⁩ ⁦@ABCscience⁩

#StopEcocide ⁦@AlboMP⁩ ⁦@Bowenchris⁩ ⁦@terrimbutler⁩

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#ClimateChange is one of the biggest threats to nature & to us 🌍Help us fight back against #globalwarming with #solarenergy ☀️

Make the #solartransition ♻️ @.COP26 #TogetherForOurPlanet #solarpower #climateaction #climateresilience #renewablenergy #COP26 #WorldWildlifeDay

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@CherylGillan @DeborahMeaden @RobertLindsay @ChrisGPackham @bucksfreepress @BucksCouncil
#COP26 @grantshapps @Andrew4Pendle @BorisJohnson @Conservatives @stophs2 @HS2ltd

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Rhinoceros are a critically endangered species with less than 30,000 rhino living in the wild today. At the start of the 20th century, there were over 500,000. Human activity has caused this dramatic decline in rhino numbers. @boomerandjenLtd @RSPBEngland #COP26

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Important lessons for AUS. “If you can’t do something about this shit, then stop worrying about it! Let’s just do what we can do!” “Keep yours arses in your seats,” says @Gina_McCarthy #auspol #ClimateAction #COP26

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10% shrinking of economy since COVID. Bounce back of 7.3% growth predicted next year. That ‘growth’ must be green, sustainable and circular, kickstarting the decarbon revolution. Eyes on #COP26 to deliver ⁦@AlokSharma_RDG#greenparty #globalgreens

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Australia Boosts LNG Spending To Compete With Qatar | It’s #Ecocide stealing our children’s future! #FundOurFutureNotGas #auspol #TellTheTruth #COP26 #NetZero #ClimateCrisis listen to the scientists

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Australia Boosts LNG Spending To Compete With Qatar |

It’s #Ecocide ignores #ClimateCrisis


Stop stealing our children’s future!

#auspol #TellTheTruth #NetZero #COP26

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@RichardCBJones @Jesse_Norman @CAATuk Seconded The US administration has given 🇬🇧 cover so please use it. Saudi arms sales are not worth the human & reputational costs at a time when launching 'global Britain'. Mortality aside G7 & #COP26 require considerable soft power these sales are not worth the loss of regard.

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@venus_2121 @MrIzquierdo @Licomita @PiensaPrensa @Chile_Alerta @ChalecosAmarill @chileconvoca @Shilevision_CL @DrSuazo915 @MaxQuitral @ONU_derechos @ONU_es @NoticiasONU @CIDH @mbachelet @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @UN_PGA @antonioguterres @Reuters @archivo20142018 @ANdeChile @CorteIDH @DDHH_Ec @CecyChaconC @FMInoticias @SCJN @KGeorgieva @CeylaP_IMF Urgent #cop26
@amnistia @amnistiachile @AmnistiaOnline @AIMexico @amnistiaespana @aiparaguay @AIPuertoRico @AIDefensorxs @aiparaguay @amnistiaar @AmnistiaAragua @AmnistiaCAT @ddhh_1810 @COP26 @MockCOP26 @COP26_Coalition @EURightsAgency
@thomaslingard @COP26_XR @Cop26Eu @amnesty

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Join Dr. Edris Joonaki, Fluid Properties Expert/Technical Lead at #TÜVSÜD National Engineering Laboratory for this FREE WEBINAR tackling several key #CCS & #Hydrogen topics. 📅 March 10th, 2pm.

#cop26 #carboncapture #netzero #energytransition #cleanfuel

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Question de @RonanDantec au gouvernement :
«Comment comptez-vous assumer, à Glasgow en novembre prochain, cet adieu français à l’accord de Paris que nous avions pourtant porté il y a 6 ans par une mobilisation exceptionnelle de notre diplomatie ?»

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🌍 economy’s pivot to low carbon is gathering momentum. By the time of #COP26 in Glasgow in November this year, countries responsible for 78% of global GDP will have pledged #NetZero emissions by 2050 or, in the case of China and Brazil, 2060. @MLiebreich

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It's as if Twitter knows the #COP26 submission deadline is looming!

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@FpvrPrensa @PrimeraLinea9 @ONU_derechos @ONU_es @NoticiasONU @CIDH @mbachelet @UNHumanRights @UNGeneva @UN_PGA @antonioguterres @Reuters @archivo20142018 @ANdeChile @CorteIDH @DDHH_Ec @CecyChaconC @FMInoticias @SCJN @KGeorgieva @CeylaP_IMF @fidh_es @ONUDHmexico @OACNUDH @hrw @UNICEF Urgent #cop26
@amnistia @amnistiachile @AmnistiaOnline @AIMexico @amnistiaespana @aiparaguay @AIPuertoRico @AIDefensorxs @aiparaguay @amnistiaar @AmnistiaAragua @AmnistiaCAT @ddhh_1810 @COP26 @MockCOP26 @COP26_Coalition @EURightsAgency
@thomaslingard @COP26_XR @Cop26Eu @amnesty

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A budget to boost green jobs, tackle the climate & biodiversity emergency, & drive the environmental business decisions we urgently need as we emerge from the pandemic.... oh wait.... not at all #Budget2021 #COP26

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Un grand bravo aux co-pilotes #Supaerodécarbos du projet. Présentation passionnante.
Nous avons ici des Pionniers !

Heureux de voir la prise conscience climatique de l' #aérien, sans dogmatisme.
Faire sa part, #enColibri !

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Tonight’s @CostingtheEarth shows how greening finance underpins everything else we are trying to achieve on #climate at #COP26. Money matters. Question is who will lead - public or private finance? ⁦@RhianMariThomas⁩ ⁦@tomheapmedia

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The good, the bad and the ugly of training for decarbonising heat #energytwitter #netzero #COP26

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"Neutralidad climática" da lugar a contradicciones como "diésel limpio" y "carbón limpio" Se utiliza para blanquear políticas que dañan el medio ambiente: greenwashing aumentando el uso de combustibles fósiles #COP26 #CambioClimático @CKemfert en @nature

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Demand #ClimateAction #SDG13 #COP26

#TellTheTruth #NetZero #RaceToZero

@abcnews⁩ ⁦@BreakfastNews⁩ ⁦@abc730⁩ ⁦@InsidersABC⁩

⁦@AlboMP⁩ ⁦@Bowenchris⁩ ⁦@terrimbutler⁩ ⁦@nitagreenqld⁩


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I wonder if people of our country Britain have Human Rights to peaceful protest, Can anybody tell me please
Britain Rights dying?

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‘Climate neutral’ is a lie — abandon it as a goal

#ClimateChange #COP26 #FossilFuels

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Merci à toutes et tous d'avoir suivi le webinaire de présentation de notre nouveau rapport sur l'avenir du secteur aérien ! Retrouvez le rapport et sa synthèse sur : ! Un replay de cette présentation sera bientôt disponible sur :

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Nothing from Sunak on household emissions. Nothing on aviation fuel tax. Nothing on electric car incentives. Nothing on or charge point roll-out. Nothing on household insulation - but a freeze on petrol/diesel duty in a climate emergency. Green revolution? Building back better?

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The planned increase in fuel duty is also cancelled. #Budget2021

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Almost 70% of wildlife has been lost in the last 50 years.

Tackling biodiversity loss is essential in addressing climate change 🌎

That is why the UK is putting nature, and the sustainable use of natural resources, at the heart of its #COP26 Presidency.


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HS2 to 'rewild' 127 hectares around its 10-mile Chilterns tunnel Considering the scale of HS2's environmental impact, and the opportunity, this is a token gesture. I suggested back in 2014 they rewilded the entire HS2 corridor.

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Making sure to sleep well is important for your mental health.

#EveryMindMatters highlights some easy tips to help you get a good night's sleep.

Learn more 👇

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Vinaka vakalevu .@TomWoodroffeUK @UKUN_NewYork @archieyounguk 🇬🇧 for this extensive interaction on #COP26 preparations with @PSIDSnyc. Fiji 🇫🇯 and Pacific 🌏 states look forward to working with you to ensure a hugely successful COP26 @ukinfiji

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A powerful idea whose time has come. This is one of the most important steps the world can take to stem the tide of destruction that will ultimately take us all down. ⁦@Jojo_Mehta⁩ ⁦@PollyHiggins

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