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And you are going to tell me big tech and “science” dont have the ability to erase & suppress scientific studies that show vaccines injure and kill people? This is what we’ve been screaming about for years!! #believemothers #learntherisk

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Kicked out of the doctors practice, kicked out of school, shunned by family and friends and labeled an anti-vaxxer. #believemothers

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@Surgeon_General The govt has a hell of a lot more to acknowledge that this particular history of mistreatment/exploitation. There is a CURRENT bullying of parents who speak out about what IS happening to their babies post vax..and we AREN'T GOING AWAY AND WILL NOT BE SILENCED. #believemothers

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@el_pais No es el primer caso, los padres a nivel mundial vienen explicando lo que les pasa a sus hijos con las vacunas hace mucho tiempo ya #believemothers

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@AlexBerenson @pfizer Adults who can speak for themselves will now suddenly understand what parents of vax injured kids have been warning for decades. Yet, they will be told it had nothing to do with the vax as we all have been. Maybe the world will finally wake up #believemothers

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@sallyKP Encephalitis. That’s one hell of a consequence. #believemothers

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@summer_snowin @Athletics89 @realDonaldTrump @GovRonDeSantis 1. The dtp vax almost killed my child
2. Scientific observation results in mothers seeing their children almost die afer vax is LEARNING
3. You do YOU and we will do WE
#BelieveMothers #FireFauci

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This is why parents who have child injured or die b/c of a vaccine are doing this advocacy work b/c they are trying to protect YOUR KIDS! The only "anti" anything they are is harm #NOsb276 #detoxify #rash #believemothers #HearUs #VaccineReaction @veronicamolli

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@KerryKennedyRFK @Follownytopini1 It is shameful you have not taken the time to actually ever speak to any parents of vaccine injured children like your Uncle has.
He couldn't look past those stories.
He saw they were not lying.
Why don't you #BelieveMothers ?

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@RobSchneider Thank you for always supporting us! A lonely place to be trying to heal an injured kid all the while being told the “injury” is just bad luck and bad genetics. #LearnTheRisk #BelieveWomen but not #BelieveMothers?

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@drkerrymeltzer I’m a pediatric physical therapist who has treated Encephalopathy, Transverse Myelitis, GBS, and ADEM... in children post vax. Your uncle is a hero! There is another side to the story. #believewomen #believemothers #mybodymychoice

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@L_A_Baker @realDonaldTrump My baby was injured by the MMR and Dtap cocktail. They can have our doses as well. #believemothers

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#BelieveMothers severe adverse vaccine reactions all 2real!!!

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#BelieveMothers severe adverse reactions all 2 real!!!!

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@realDonaldTrump We dont want VACCINES my dear @POTUS and these wicked dem govs are going to force them upon us. Some of us have vaccine injured children. We will NEVER EVER trust any vaccine ever again. #AnaphalacticShock is happening! #BelieveMothers #NoVaccines

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We need to chose NO! And so realize the same problems with this vaccine exists with all the others.

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The vaccine rollout is where the rubber will really meet the road.

Ordinary folks had no choice about lockdowns. Or school closures. Or masks.

They have a choice about vaccines. Let’s see what they choose.

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@sallyKP Wow....that pig is disgusting. #BelieveMothers

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Before adverse vaccine reaction

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After partial strike, Bell’s Bell’s Palsy, drooling all the time & chewing clothes, constantly sick, almost never made eye contact. Never really spoke again. He immune system was destroyed.⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ & still doctors didn’t believe he had massive physical and cognitive regression

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So, you know how you feel about the #covid vaccine and that you’d NEVER ever get it? All because you’ve done your research and looked at the facts, right? Well, that’s how mothers of vaccine injured children feel...times 10. #wedid #believemothers #CovidVaccine #COVID19 #vaccine

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@DrPanMD says #StopHateforProfit
Can we start by agreeing to #BelieveMothers and stop vilifying anyone with an inconvenient truth that threatens blind obedience to a multibillion dollar vaccine industry?

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HELL YES!!!! I saw it all and I know these mamas! #BigPharma does not give two shits about what happens to your kid!


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@CCDHate @Facebook must moderate FB groups for anti-vax disinformation and #COVID19 myths that mislead people into spreading #coronavirus . Anti-vaxxers infiltrate FB groups to create echo chambers in which to spread their lies. #Ivax2protect #StopHateForProfit

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believe that big pharma, big tech and politicians care more about children's health

than the "antivax" moms who chained themselves to the California capitol last year in honor of their sick, disabled or deceased children...

then you're outta your F'n mind.

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The movement will be growing substantially this year.

#BelieveMothers #Vaxxed #HearThisWell #WeDid

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@P4tricia_N @zerohedge Sure - there has to be collateral damage for all these people who want to “feel” safe. Poor babies. Actually NO pharma products is safe. #believeMothers

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@Cernovich Happened to my daughter. Totally neurologically typical. 9 vaccines and within two days lost all acquired skills. It has been a long,long road since then. She is 20 and will never be able to care for herself independently. #BelieveMothers

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@FDTProgressive @nadinbrzezinski @KUSINews @nathanfletcher So really? #believemothers #meto0 Wow - you really are full of hate

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@denisrancourt Vaccine injuries and deaths of loved ones is unfortunately how most people wake up to the dangers of vaccines.


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Would you give your child another dose of the vaccine that caused this? Would you at least like a choice? Are you the least bit curious what it's doing to his body? #NOsb276 #detoxify #rash #believemothers #HearUs #HearUsWell #VaccineReaction @GavinNewsom @ASM_Irwin @RobBontaCA

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