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@RotoRadarCEO @PayPal @nba_topshot Another great #30ToLock show, becoming more me of my fav daily twitch streams to watch

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@RotoRadarCEO @PayPal @nba_topshot #30ToLock is the best DFS show around, if you keep missing out your gonna be missing out on making money off these amazing lineups

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#30TOLOCK Great show on twitch. If your into DFS / sports betting VIA:DraftKings or FanDuel. They are the guys you want!!!!!!

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10 minutes. #30ToLock


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Retweet this if you will be watching tonight's #30ToLock NBA stream.

(Hint: you might want to.)

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@RotoRadarCEO @jennaandko @jaredrblock Oh God, please help me to win it.
This $5,000 can bring a big positive change to my life, to my family.
Please, make me lucky.


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Thanks for another great night @RotoRadarCEO @jennaandko & @RotoRadarRiemer !!! Love everything about the podcasts, #30toLock & #GoodSkill #RotoRadarNBA

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@RotoRadarCEO @jennaandko @jaredrblock Watch #30ToLock Live Stream RIGHT NOW!!!


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@RotoRadarCEO @jennaandko @jaredrblock Still, there but not able to subscribe to enter the chatoom.
Nice, and thanks.

$5000 ... ! Can change my life.
Twitch: HiMukut


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I'll give a $5,000 prize to someone who retweets this if Giannis exceeds value tonight...

1️⃣ Retweet this.
2️⃣ Follow @jennaandko, @jaredrblock and I.
3️⃣ Watch our #30ToLock Live Stream RIGHT NOW!!!


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@RotoRadarCEO #30tolock let’s get it

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@RotoRadarCEO Another great #30ToLock show, can’t wait for the next @OnTheRotoRadar podcast and #30ToLock tomorrow

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@RotoRadarCEO ❤️ me some #30ToLock 🔥🔥🔥

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Wednesday’s #30ToLock show is LIVE!

Check it out 100% FREE here. ↙️


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@RotoRadarCEO #30ToLock #RRNation

Hope this is my chance, Big Pray to this
I want open my little bussines

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@RotoRadarCEO Missed most of the earlier NBA Podcast cause a neighbor kid fell off his scooter and got banged up pretty good! Hoping to catch up what I can on the #30toLock

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5 minutes until we’re live on the #30ToLock Live #NBA #DFS show!

🔁 Retweet for a chance to win a $1,000 prize.


Listen to a clip from yesterday’s show here ⤵️

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Just me waiting for tonight’s 10 game slate and all of @RotoRadarRiemer and @RotoRadarCEO content and advice, podcast and #30toLock stream!! #RotoRadarNBA

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@RotoRadarCEO and @RotoRadarRiemer are just insanely on fire. WE ARE STREAKING!!!!!! What's cooler is that I have .24 cents in the 4$ GPP. Won them with....yep @RotoRadarCEO and @RotoRadarRiemer lineups. @jaredrblock drops dimes in the podcast and #30tolock as well. #RotoRadarNBA

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