What’s the difference between SEO web hosting with SEO hosting?

There is a thin line separating SEO web hosting from SEO hosting. In fact, both are used interchangeably to mean the same thing. But if we ask the experts, there would be some differences (learn more here). SEO hosting is basically for the optimization of a website in search engine result pages and there are many methods associated with it like white and black hat or linking scheme. SEO also employ keyword optimization. This is done to increase one’s website contents that are related to certain keyword or phrase in search engine queries thus allowing visitors to find the site easier.

Hosting a web with the services of SEO is a more appropriate definition of web hosting that is associated with SEO or SEO-friendly web hosting. It is a package that web servers include in their services if you want to own or create a web site. It’s like a two-in-one package or hiring two different services that could have been provided by two different companies in one contract from the same company.

Web hosting companies are now inclined in SEO industry. Smart SEO Hosting has expanded their expertise and services to clients and customers that need optimization of their sites however; there are still some web servers that are reluctant in giving SEO service explaining that it would not affect much if the quality of web serving is sufficient enough.

Multiple Class C IP hosting

Multiple Class C IP hosting is a SEO web hosting where a one webmaster or website owner controls multiple web sites with different Class C Internet Protocol or IP addresses. So what are the advantages of having a multiple class C IP address (you can find out more here)? To know this, we have first need to understand SEO processes. SEO or search engine optimization is a method that aims to tweak your website’s ranking in the search engine result pages by generating more traffic making your site more visible and eligible to be visited often.

Search engine works through its algorithms that reads search queries and calculates them by rank thus the more optimized is your website the more it is being ranked higher by search engine algorithm though this process is still debatable to some experts as no one exactly knows how search engine algorithm like Google work on ranking websites.

According to most SEO experts having multiple class C IPs under a single host and ownership will give you the boost you needed to expose your business and services in the world wide web. As allegedly as it is, Google is penalizing and demoting the ranks of those who violate webmasters guidelines by creating similar contents or links into one website or creating multiple websites in one IP address with similar contents.

With multiple class C IPs Google is said to have difficulty relating each websites because they have different IP addresses though they belong to a single host.